Here’s what people have to say about working with Dr. Kathleen Riley!

Patti Furnari, Redding CA

After losing everything in the Carr fire, I was in a constant state of PTSD – always on the verge of tears, unable to think clearly, and found it impossible to function throughout my days. I began working with Kathleen and the HeartMath techniques a few months after the fire. She has helped me so much in resetting my baseline. I am now able to quickly identify emotional triggers, many of which are surfacing now as we are in our next fire season. I am able to quickly shift and reset my emotional response to the triggers, and can focus and accomplish the tasks of the day with ease. I am very happy to report that I am now off all my medications for sleep and anxiety! I highly recommend Kathleen to everyone who was affected by the fires or is experiencing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I will be enrolling in her group classes in her office in Redding to continue to improve my well being.

Robin King, Paradise, CA

Working with Dr. Kathleen Riley and the Heartmath techniques have helped our family learn to be able to manage the trauma and stress we’ve experienced because of the fires. Our girls are able to sleep peacefully through the night.

Anonymous Parent, Redding, CA

I was very please with how much Dr. Riley helped my 11 year-old daughter learn to identify and control her anxiety in just a couple of sessions. She gave her Heartmath tools she needs to calm herself down whenever it is necessary. She will be able to use these tools throughout her life. Thank you Dr. Riley!

Fredericka Martin, Redding CA

Kathleen has given me tools to manage my stress and given me more confidence that really work! Her coaching with the Heartmath techniques has provided me with powerful tools that I use in the moment to identify my stress and emotions associated with it and immediately shift my response to stress. Working with the Inner Balance app and bluetooth sensor, I get immediate biofeedback. I’ve learned how to shift the heart rhythm signals from those of stress to those of balance, and my scores are continuing to improve. This allows me to be much more productive and focused both at work and in my personal life. Her coaching has taught me how to respond to stress, anxiety in every situation in the most efficient and effective way. I have more energy and get better sleep. I highly recommend that you contact Kathleen to learn how you can do this too!

Pam M, Redding, CA

In addition to the trauma of last year’s Carr fire, I’ve experienced a lot of heartache in my life. My health has suffered because of it. After one session with Kathleen, the next day I went to my doctor. My blood pressure was VERY high, 186/91. The next morning I sat quietly and wrote in my journal. I then took my blood pressure, 167/86. Yikes! Then, I did the Heartmath technique Kathleen taught me the day before for a few minutes. The result: blood pressure 130/76. I highly recommend Kathleen and hope that many people will take advantage of her expertise with Heartmath!

Addison K, San Francisco, CA

Kathleen has helped me so much in learning how to identify my stress and manage my response to it through the Heartmath techniques.  I’ve learned the importance of identifying the emotions associated with stress and their impact upon our physiology. Kathleen has given me tools for life to shift in the moment from stress and overwhelm to be focused and respond to stress in an effective way. I enjoy working with the HeartMath app on my phone and blue tooth sensor, because “seeing is believing.” Seeing the heart rate signals that show I am stressed helps me quickly make the emotional shift through heart focused breathing to optimize myself in the moment.

David Marcarian, Seattle, WA, Inventor and President at Precision Biometrics Inc

Kathleen is truly multidimensional. She not only understands the complexities of elite performers (and is one herself) but fully understands the underlying physiology which is so relevant in resolving the psychophysiological issues of stress and anxiety. Her ability to integrate new technology into the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of performance in whatever we do, makes her truly one of a kind. There are few who understand so well, and integrate these two completely different areas of study, and without the knowledge of both, it is difficult to aid people afflicted with stress and chronic pain. Her knowledge of biofeedback and its role in teaching, training, assessment and treatment is second to none.

Paul Loesel, New York City

As a professional theater musician with focal hand dystonia, I am forever grateful for Kathleen Riley and her expertise with biofeedback. I worked with Kathleen for over 4 years after having been diagnosed with dystonia. Her powerful work with Biofeedback helped me control my anxiety, regain technical control and keep the dystonia at a manageable distance.

Garrick Ohlsson, San Francisco, Concert Pianist

Kathleen Riley’s work and research with Biofeedback is invaluable for coaching performers to manage stress and achieve and maintain optimal performance. Her expertise with biofeedback brings a deeper awareness of what we do and how we do it as musicians.