Vision 2020

Vision 2020

January 8, 2020 Kathleen Riley No Comments Musicians’ Injuries

Welcome everyone. As I begin this dialogue, I take a deep breath, connect to my heart, exhale a tone, and allow the sound to clear, centering and aligning me with my soul’s true purpose. I listen with my heart and allow awareness of the areas within my personality that are to shift by letting go of what no longer serves me. Working with breath and sound while connected to my heart creates energetic vibrational shifts through the sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. These chakras, when aligned, allow us to speak our truth and create what we are here to bring forth.

The next important step is to be gentle with ourselves – allowing and accepting our humanness, our frailties, vulnerabilities, heartaches; really tune in and listen to all that is here to teach us.

For me, as a musician and researcher, what is showing up and manifesting is a new understanding of sound and frequency and heart – how we can connect to our essential “tones” – some of which will carry dissonance and interference. Through breath, notice where the dissonance vibrates within you and, through the power of the heart and intention, clear the tone – tuning your body to your soul.

Inner-outer dialogues with yourself about any conflicts, physical, mental or emotional are key. For as we allow them to speak, our higher wisdom comes through, awakening the intelligence of our hearts.

Humanity does not yet understand its authentic power to heal and transform! In order to let go of ego, we must dig up all of the suppressed emotions, feel them, examine them deeply with the heart through compassion, excavate and release them. For the deepest help emotions are most often revealing the root of the cause.

Ask yourself if who or what caused this did it intentionally? There are two sides to the answer here. If you answer “no,” really tune in to the karma of those who brought this in – their upbringing, intergenerational downloads and traumas, and listen with your heart.

Notice and acknowledge if and when your ego brain is trying to give you an argument or justification! Pause, breathe through your heart, and continue to listen to the message being brought in through your question.

At first, this can be a real power struggle with the ego, for it does not like to be wrong! And far worse, it likes to draw finite conclusions. A forewarning – this can be a tough passage!

The light at the end of the tunnel here is that once we let go of the ego’s powerful grip, we experience a newfound freedom, gratitude and peace. The ego will still try to come back in, but the more we practice heart focused breathing and awareness, the stronger that authentic voice of our soul becomes, silencing the ego.

As to the second side to the answer: if you answered “yes” to someone having brought these things to you intentionally, perhaps it’s not what the soul and higher self of the person intended, just the ego. You may feel frustrated right now with that answer, feeling that you haven’t been acknowledge and justified with your pain and anger.

I am simply offering a different lens. The person’s personality that is present is acting out something they are here to deal with too, whether it be suppressed emotions or traumas from their present, past, or karmic past, which is activated by the subconscious brain!

Our reactions and responses to trauma, pain, loss, abandonment mostly stem from our subconscious brain along with what we were “downloaded” with in our early years.

And then, there are the unfortunate traumas that happen after – sexual molestation, rape, physical, mental and emotional abuse. Our neural circuits go haywire and, what fires together repeatedly gets “wired together” as Hebb’s law states.

These are profound. These vibrations cripple people. Our second chakra is the seat of both sexuality and creativity – birthing in many creative forms in addition to creating life when connected through the heart.

Ego and neural patterns of firing and wiring together enter in and humans become enmeshed in a maze of confusion – circling, repeating, and seeking the same solace that unfortunately, does not posses the frequency for true solace and peace.

Many come into this lifetime with journeys and losses that deal tough cards – lack of nurture, abandonment, not feeling good enough, and betrayal to name a few. Yet, these are common among every class and culture of people who inhabit our earth! These are not the burdens and losses for some, but for all! Let’s learn to release these!

I experienced many of these tough cards first hand, dealt with them through many dark nights of my soul, and began my transformation many years ago. The shift comes softly and subtly to each of us in its own special time through Spirit. For when Spirit calls the heart and we are ready to receive, we listen to the message.

Through our hearts we gain the strength, wisdom and understanding to move through this. As we unlock the door to our hearts, we unlock the doors to our subconscious minds, allowing us to examine what no longer serves us.

Some will retreat from this and shut the door, yet it is beckoning all of us to go deep, excavate what we are hiding from, take a deep breath, and with a loving heart begin the healing – releasing what has been shoved down, ignored and closed off.

As we allow the door to remain open and heartfully examine what is in the closet, we can begin our “spring cleaning” of our closets, ready to plant new seeds for regrowth.

I sit with gratitude, wonder and awe at the beauty and wisdom that surround and are within each of us. They are beckoning us to open our eyes, hearts and minds to connect with their higher vibrations.