About Dr. Kathleen Riley

Musician, researcher, author, Optimal Performance Coach and Certified HeartMath® Trainer, Dr. Kathleen Riley integrates music, science, mindfulness and the intelligence of the heart to heal from stress and trauma, sustain resilience and optimize performance.

Dr. Kathleen Riley’s multifaceted approach addresses the mind, body, and spirit connection through the science. The outcome results in people from all professions reeducating technical limitations, healing work-related injuries, reducing anxiety, and enhancing their quality of life. Read her bio below for more about her expertise.

Unique Methodology Leads to Resilient Performance

Incorporating physics, frequencies, and resonance in our own electromagnetic fields, posture and optimal alignment, HeartMath® self-regulation techniques, and her expertise as a musician and performer, Kathleen helps clients understand how everything is connected. Our most powerful frequencies come from our heart signals which respond to the thoughts and emotions we feel.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Kathleen combines her expertise in biofeedback, science, and energy healing into a unique holistic wellness coaching for health, performance, and resilience of mind, body, and spirit. Her multifaceted approach is designed to help clients manage their stress, recover from trauma, optimize performance and live authentically.

Dr. Kathleen Riley's Education & Experience

Dr. Kathleen Riley has spent most of her career weaving together her expertise of being a professional musician, pedagogue, certified biofeedback expert, and optimal performance coach into a unique approach to helping clients achieve optimal performance. Kathleen taught piano and worked with biofeedback to retrain performers' repetitive stress injuries and performance anxiety at New York University. She went on to work at the Cleveland Clinic and was on faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Kathleen's received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Manhattan School of Music, a PhD from NYU, and post-doctoral studies and research in neuropsychology and physiology at NYU. Dr. Riley has certifications in biofeedback, and is a Certified HeartMath Trainer. She continues to conduct research, collaborating with the Heartmath Institute, and is writing articles and books on intention and the power of the heart through music. Both qualitative and quantitative results from my most recent research study conducted with the Institute show significant, revealing new evidence of the power of a shared group intention among musicians and its effects on the audience.