Handling Life-Threatening Challenges with Grace and Resiliency

Handling Life-Threatening Challenges with Grace and Resiliency

August 3, 2018 Kathleen Riley No Comments Inspiration

Amidst our monumental fires here in Northern California I reflect on the many resilient people I encounter daily. Some have lost homes, family members, places of work, and all their belongings but the spirit of hope and gratitude here and the outpouring of love from the communities is overwhelming. It is a living example of communities coming together with love, support and hope for the things that matter most in life. So beautiful.

When I left my home last week, I took my most essential belongings with me, took a video and pictures of what was left, gave thanks to my home and said, so be it. Thankfully, my home is okay. However, the air quality is dangerous, so I have not returned yet. Last June, I had a second heart ablation and I now live healthily and resiliently without medication. The air levels are very hazardous, so I will return when it is safe.

On my travels to safety I have encountered so many wonderful people who have extended their hearts to me. I have been inspired every day by the kindnesses that have been showered upon me. I am filled with gratitude at every moment, no fear or worry, for I know that I am being guided and protected. Everywhere I show up is perfect.

When we put ourselves in a place of surrender, trust and gratitude, miracles happen. And they happen continuously when we allow them to unfold. The synchronicities in life are amazing! Everything in life has its appointment, and it arrives when it is the perfect time. Just open your heart and allow it to unfold.