Tools for Personal Transformation

Dr. Kathleen Riley shares her expertise as an optimal performance and resilience coach, certified biofeedback practitioner and musician to help you reclaim your essential self and actualize it into authentic living and creative expression.

Workshops & Training

Dr. Riley has presented hundreds of Optimal Performance Workshops nationally and internationally. Through the eyes of biofeedback participants and audiences experience seeing inside the body to understand the power of biomechanical adjustments and heart focused breathing. Contact Kathleen to schedule a workshop today!

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Dr. Kathleen Riley provides opportunities to learn about and discuss meaningful ways to achieve better focus, access creativity, and optimize physical dexterity and strength. Presenting scientific data showing the effect of stress physiologically, Kathleen creates a stimulating learning experience introducing effective tools to shift from stress into resilience.

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Private & Online Sessions

Kathleen brings years of education, research and expertise and continues to expand her awareness of effective transformational techniques to help you optimize your potential. Work one on one with Dr. Kathleen Riley, whether in person or online to begin your journey to healing and authenticity.

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Learning to live deeply

So, what does it mean, deeply? In my work with clients, I bring awareness and tools to learn to live with heart intention because everything you think affects everyone and everything else around you, including you. It is now more important than ever in our world to learn how to make it your intention to be present with compassion and kindness, especially toward yourself, at every moment.

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What clients are saying

  • I had the opportunity to work with Kathleen for several years at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute where she worked with patients with Biofeedback for neuromuscular tension and anxiety. As a HeartMath® Certified Clinician she helped patients gain resiliency, and helped many with chronic pain using ProformaVision. She has amazing dedication to her patients and clients and an incredible work ethic.

    - Daniel M. Neides, MD, MBA, Vice Chair and COO, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute
  • Dr. Kathleen Riley's training methodology and expertise are invaluable for learning how to incorporate ProformaVision biofeedback for musicians as well as persons with weakness or coordination problems from neurologic injury, fractures, and severe de-conditioning.

    - Dr. Jennine Speier, Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
  • Kathleen recently joined our BCIA Task Force for Optimal Performance Certification. She clearly knows how to integrate biofeedback work into performance consulting for performing artists, and she was able to hit the ground running with our task force.

    - Tim Herzog, Counselor and Mental Skills Coach
  • As a biofeedback practitioner, Kathleen is an excellent resource for musicians who are experiencing physical problems related to playing their instruments. Her methodology is one of the finest applications of neuromuscular re-education.

    - Ron Rosenthal, Past Program Chair, AAPB
  • Kathleen is an excellent teacher and clearly a subject matter expert. She is able to effectively reach multiple audiences from therapists to physicians and academicians. I would recommend her without hesitation to others seeking to build their musicians medicine clinic.

    - Patrick Tarnowski, Director, Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
  • Kathleen Riley's pioneering work is some of the most important I have come across in my career. The positive impact on artists and teachers with related problems will be immeasurable.

    - Gary Ingle, Executive Director & CEO, Music Teachers National Association

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