Intention: The Power of the Heart

Intention: The Power of the Heart is the story of Dr. Kathleen Riley’s discovery of living with intentionality and her journey as a musician, researcher and Certified HeartMath® Trainer.

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New poetry Book from Dr. Kathleen Riley

In paperback and Kindle eBook, Inspirations from the Heart is a collection of poetry from Dr. Kathleen Riley sharing messages regarding living in our human world.

Spanning decades of life experience, the book contains forty-three poems organized into three different sections. Inspirations from the Heart takes readers on a journey through individuality, love, and into transformation. It offers insights into the power to transform our realities to align with our higher purpose.

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Workshops & Training

Kathleen's Workshops offer opportunities to examine what keeps us stuck, both emotionally and physically. Through the eyes of biofeedback participants and audiences "see" inside the body and apply tools and techniques to reduce chronic pain, traumatic stress and anxiety. Contact Kathleen to schedule a workshop today!

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Kathleen provides opportunities to learn about and discuss heartfelt ways to achieve better focus, access creativity, and optimize physical dexterity and strength. Her newest seminars share the amazing discoveries she made through research and were the seeds for her documentary Intention: The Power of the Heart.

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Private & Online Sessions

Kathleen brings years of education, research and expertise and continues to expand her awareness of effective transformational techniques to help you optimize your potential. Work one on one with Dr. Kathleen Riley, whether in person or online to begin your journey to healing and authenticity.

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Learning to live deeply

So, what does it mean, deeply? In my work with clients, I bring awareness and tools to learn to live with heart intention because everything you think affects everyone and everything else around you, including you. It is now more important than ever in our world to learn how to make it your intention to be present with compassion and kindness, especially toward yourself, at every moment.

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What clients are saying

  • Working with Dr. Kathleen Riley, the Heartmath techniques have helped our family learn to be able to manage the trauma and stress we've experienced because¬†of the fires. Our girls are able to sleep peacefully through the night.

    - Robin King, Paradise, CA
  • Kathleen recently joined our BCIA Task Force for Optimal Performance Certification. She clearly knows how to integrate biofeedback work into performance consulting for performing artists, and she was able to hit the ground running with our task force.

    - Tim Herzog, Counselor and Mental Skills Coach

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