Intention: The Power of the Heart

Intention: The Power of the Heart is the story of Dr. Kathleen Riley’s discovery of living with intentionality and her journey as a musician, researcher and Certified HeartMath® Trainer.

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Intentions from the Heart: How to Ignite Your Heart for Intentional Living is a new downloadable PDF brought to you by Dr. Kathleen Riley. She shares wisdom and encouragement for the new year, helping readers tune into their hearts to live with greater emotional awareness.

Discussing results from recent HeartMath® studies, insight from her personal journey, and more, Intentions from the Heart provides the scientific background and practical tips to help readers live with resolve, equipping them to walk according to the heart in every moment.

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Workshops & Training

Kathleen's Workshops offer opportunities to examine what keeps us stuck, both emotionally and physically. Through the eyes of biofeedback participants and audiences "see" inside the body and apply tools and techniques to reduce chronic pain, traumatic stress and anxiety. Contact Kathleen to schedule a workshop today!

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Kathleen provides opportunities to learn about and discuss heartfelt ways to achieve better focus, access creativity, and optimize physical dexterity and strength. Her newest seminars share the amazing discoveries she made through research and were the seeds for her documentary Intention: The Power of the Heart.

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Private & Online Sessions

Kathleen brings years of education, research and expertise and continues to expand her awareness of effective transformational techniques to help you optimize your potential. Work one on one with Dr. Kathleen Riley, whether in person or online to begin your journey to healing and authenticity.

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Learning to live deeply

So, what does it mean, deeply? In my work with clients, I bring awareness and tools to learn to live with heart intention because everything you think affects everyone and everything else around you, including you. It is now more important than ever in our world to learn how to make it your intention to be present with compassion and kindness, especially toward yourself, at every moment.

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What clients are saying

  • As a professional theatre musician with dystonia, I am forever grateful for Kathleen Riley and her expertise. I worked with Kathleen for over 4 years after having been diagnosed with focal hand dystonia. Her powerful work with Biofeedback and hand/finger exercises helped me regain technical control and keep the dystonia at a manageable distance.

    - Paul Loesel, Pianist
  • Kathleen Riley’s work with Biofeedback is invaluable for coaching musicians to achieve and maintain optimal performance. Her expertise brings a deeper awareness of what we do and how we do it as musicians.

    - Garrick Ohlsson, Concert Pianist
  • Kathleen is pioneering study and practical applications of bio-feedback among musicians. The results of her analysis and expertise offer musicians a way to self-observe, to know more about how this very complicated process of piano performance actually works. I highly recommend her to any working musician or medical professional who works with musicians.

    - Frederic Chiu, Concert Pianist, Lecturer, Clinician, Deeper Piano Studies

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