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Dr. Riley teaches valuable wisdom on how to live with intention from the heart

Combining years of doctoral studies with a heart to see clients thrive, Dr. Kathleen Riley is a certified Heartmath® trainer and serves as an Optimal Performance Coach.

Have you considered your heart as you set your new year goals?

Harness the power of intentional living today, realign your course with your greater purpose, and impact your physical surroundings as you learn from the wisdom of the heart.

  • Tune into your heart

    Live with greater emotional awareness and take back the keys to health in every area.

  • Learn the scientific background

    Discussing results from recent Heartmath® studies and others, Kathleen examines data-driven wisdom from the heart.

  • Set intentions from the heart

    Find practical tips to help you live with resolve, equipping you to walk according to the heart in every moment.

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What lies beyond the surface of intention? Is it enough to simply hold intention in our hearts?

Just like the physical heart, our heart of hearts communicates in frequencies. Emotions can be measured through the frequencies of the heart. By learning from the wisdom that our hearts communicate, we can harness the power of positive emotions through intention.

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Learn how to harness the power of intentionality

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