Through the Fire

Through the Fire

August 4, 2018 Kathleen Riley No Comments Inspiration

Living through devastating disasters offers us the opportunity to go deep – deep within our selves to examine life anew through this everchanging lens that the fire has brought. As we begin to clear away the debris from the fire, we can begin to clear away life’s debris that has accumulated and built layers around our core, making it difficult to access the truth that lies inside of us.

The first layer of debris to clear is found in our minds. You know those countless to do lists and busy work, the “much ado about nothing” things that occupy our thoughts and distract us from what is essential and important. By examining our thoughts through this new lens, we are given the opportunity to see how we are being asked to shift and realign ourselves with what really matters; to focus outside of just ourselves and see the entire community around us and examine our role within that community. It has changed and is evolving continually.

The second layer of debris to clear is in our hearts – those past hurts, disappointments, regrets that put a shield around the heart. That shield numbs the heart from feeling and allowing others in. As we begin to clear away the debris, let us bring in gratitude, love, forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and all those around us. Generate those emotions through your heart center and send them out. For everything we think and feel generates a frequency in our heart center that is transmitted to everyone and everything around us. As Buddha once said: “the heart is a garden – what do you wish to plant there?” Choose gratitude, love, kindness, patience, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness. These pillars are needed to be brought back into balance in ourselves, communities, world and Universe.

The third layer of debris to clear is in our core. For here in our core lies our essential truth – it is our foundation upon which to build a life of authenticity and integrity. Debris accumulates from past times of not listening to and trusting the gut, allowing others to control us, and anything that blocked us at the gut level.

Once we examine ourselves from this deep level, we allow whatever parts want to rise to the surface of our awareness. Here we can reexamine them, remember them for the lessons they brought, and ask if it is time to release them. We receive the answer to the release when we ask if they are continuing to serve us for our highest and greatest good. It’s time to release what no longer serves us – release them away with the debris and allow ourselves to reconnect to our essence deep within our core.

Passing through the fire brings us renewal and healing waters that shower blessings upon us to go forth living lives of truth and integrity guided by the lights in our hearts.