Checking in with our Higher Self

Checking in with our Higher Self

August 3, 2018 Kathleen Riley No Comments Inspiration

When I was a little girl, my Mother would often find me sitting having a conversation with someone. She would ask me who, and I would matter of simply answer “my other self.” And, she had a name. Her name was Connie and she was very wise and offered me wisdom and sound advice.

As I grew older, my other self became my inner voice, although I was often too young or unaware to hear it. But when I did, it was powerful! It tugged at me relentlessly to listen. And it never failed to guide me in the right direction with absolute perfect timing.

Yes, my friends, this is our intuition, our connection to what is outside of ourselves – to Spirit, God, the Universe. I recommend setting aside a time of your day to sit quietly, breathing slowly and mindfully, and checking in with your inner voice. This helps us to re-center and realign with what is important – with what is our purpose and what are we being asked to do. And, suddenly, the many things you were focused on and worried about become less important and more manageable.

Connecting with our higher self nurtures our resiliency