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“Intention: The Power of the Heart”

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Intention: The Power of the Heart is the story of Kathleen Riley's discovery of living with intentionality

Watch as she shares her story and study of living with a higher level of consciousness in every area of life and understanding the science of the heart.

Emotionality of music can be harnessed to bring transformation and create connections

Discover the value of intentionality as she explores the power of choosing regenerative emotions to overcome performance anxiety.

  • Tune into your heart

    Live with greater emotional awareness and take back the keys to health in every area.

  • Learn the scientific background

    Through years of training and scientific research, Kathleen examines data-driven wisdom from the heart.

  • Set intentions from the heart

    Intentionality can help you thrive in life, equipping you to walk according to the heart in every moment.

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Heartmath graphic
Graph provided by the HeartMath Institute

What lies beyond the surface of intention? Is it enough to simply hold intention in our hearts?

Just like the physical heart, our heart of hearts communicates in frequencies. Emotions can be measured through the frequencies of the heart. By learning from the wisdom that our hearts communicate, we can harness the power of positive emotions through intention.

Learn to live with intention today!

Learn to harness the power of living intentionally

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