Peak Performance Network

Peak Performance Network


Equipped with my Integration Technique, and biofeedback tools and coaching, I am blessed to be serving the optimal performance community in restoring and sustaining the body’s natural resilience and rediscovering the joy in performance. This includes all of us in whatever we do in our occupation and our most passionate (and sometimes mundane) hobbies. My website is a place for us to come together, to learn more about our physical, mental and emotional health through published articles, webinars and more. It’s a place for you to come and email me your questions and concerns as to creating and sustaining resilience.

I bring 20 years of research, hands-on experience and knowledge to helping performers retrain from injuries and, more importantly, how to create and sustain resilience.

We all know, and the research proves, that competitive sports, music performance, highly trained medical professionals all are affected by stress to be the best at every moment of their “performances” every day.

Let’s take musicians for example, and what can even sometimes prevent them from continuing their careers. In the 1980’s it was discovered that there was a 75% rate of misuse/overuse injuries and performance anxiety/depression in performing artists. In 2018 we still have not successfully shifted the percentage. With the everyday stresses of career uncertainties, demands of teachers, conductors, professional management, auditions, and so on, the toll taken on the performer’s body is high. We live in a society of competitiveness and elitism.

When one is injured, there is still often a fear to stop practicing, and seek professional help from a qualified specialist for time being taken away from upcoming deadlines. This applies not only to musicians, but elite athletes who train with Olympic trainers, elite dancers, surgeons, and countless other professions that demand our all. The result is a continuing feeling of isolation that can easily transform into despair. And quite frankly, resilience cannot be sustained without community support. The saying no person is an island is true – resilience requires nurturing, support and understanding from like-minded people.

This is where Biofeedback through neuromuscular reeducation and HeartMath Resilience programs enter in. As you read my page on Biofeedback, learn about the power of these tools, their proven efficacy, and ask yourself, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to reach the point of injury to OPTIMIZE your potential!

Stay connected with me as I begin to share with you special webinars on all aspects of peak performance health and resilience, and offer tools and exercises to help you achieve and maintain your best. I will also be posting additional professional resources. Please email me with any questions or concerns and I will be glad to assist. Here are a few articles to share the transformation that occurs and inspire!