Here’s what people have to say about the powerful work Dr. Kathleen Riley does with her Integration Technique!

David Marcarian, Inventor and President at Precision Biometrics Inc

Kathleen is truly multidimensional. She not only understands the complexities of the elite musician (and is one herself) but fully understands the underlying physiology which is so relevant in resolving the psychophysiological issues of the performing artist. Her ability to integrate new technology into the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of the performing artist makes her truly one of a kind. There are few who understand so well, and integrate these two completely different areas of study, and without the knowledge of both, it is difficult to aid those in the performing arts with these various limitations. Her knowledge of biofeedback and its role in teaching, training, assessment and treatment is second to none.

Gail Berenson, Past President, MTNA

Kathleen Riley has always been ahead of the curve in all her work. She possesses a truly unique, innate and intuitive set of skills, giving her the ability to combine musical, technological, psychological and physiological principals to enable her to view musicians’ issues from a totally different perspective. Her research is at the beginning of understanding the profound aspects of how musicians make music and its impact on them and their audiences both physically and emotionally. This is groundbreaking work! I eagerly await the results of her upcoming research.

Addison Kuth, Pianist and Student

Working with Dr. Riley I’ve learned the importance of understanding our physiology and bio-mechanics in order to develop a balanced stable technique. I work with the various exercises she assigns me to help improve my hand strength and dexterity and can see changes taking place. The second important thing I am learning is how everything in the body is connected and that everything plays an important role in optimal performance, the mind and mental/emotional state being a very important part of this.

Carrie Jones, Violist and Student

The real lesson that I learned working with Dr. Riley – the one that I hope to carry with me for life– is a big, complex and all-encompassing lesson. It is quite literally a lesson about life—that music is a living thing, something that needs to breathe, speak and sing for itself. Coming into this class, I had the goal of improving my viola playing and performance skills. While music performance was the focus of my initial goal, I now realize that it is only the tip of the iceberg. Like any living organism, my body, mind and spirit must be nurtured, cared for and loved in order to thrive. Music that is “alive”—meaningful, authentic and compelling— can only be made when all parts of my being are in balance.

Paul Loesel, Pianist

As a professional theatre musician with dystonia, I am forever grateful for Kathleen Riley and her expertise. I worked with Kathleen for over 4 years after having been diagnosed with focal hand dystonia. Her powerful work with Biofeedback and hand/finger exercises helped me regain technical control and keep the dystonia at a manageable distance.

James Markey, Trombonist, NY Philharmonic

Through working with Dr. Riley, I was able to identify areas where I had unnecessary tension. Kathleen provided me with techniques to help minimize the amount of effort in my playing. I now have a clear concept of how to make my playing more efficient and easier.

Garrick Ohlsson, Concert Pianist

Kathleen Riley’s work and research with Biofeedback is invaluable for coaching musicians to achieve and maintain optimal performance. Her expertise brings a deeper awareness of what we do and how we do it as musicians.

Frederic Chiu, Concert Pianist, Lecturer, Clinician, Deeper Piano Studies

Kathleen is pioneering study and practical applications of bio-feedback among musicians. The results of her analysis and expertise offer musicians a way to self-observe, to know more about how this very complicated process of piano performance actually works. I highly recommend her to any working musician or medical professional who works with musicians.

Gary Ingle, Executive Director & CEO, Music Teachers National Association

Kathleen Riley’s pioneering work is some of the most important I have come across in my career. The positive impact on artists and teachers with related problems will be immeasurable.

Ronald R. Shinn, Professor at Samford University

Kathleen is on the cutting edge of helping musicians avoid performance injuries, working to re-train potentially damaging technical habits through the latest in bio-feedback systems. Our profession very much needs such a perspective and related techniques; we appreciate her work tremendously.

Dr. Jennine Speier, Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Dr. Kathleen Riley’s training methodology and expertise are invaluable for learning how to incorporate Biofeedback for musicians as well as persons with weakness or coordination problems from neurologic injury, fractures, and severe de-conditioning.

Elijah Summers, Violist and Student

Dr. Riley often pointed out the importance of realizing where you are emotionally whenever you are dealing with physical tension. As I began to address this, slowly the tension would go away and it is now manageable. This has been an issue that I have had for most years of my playing. To see the issue finally subsiding is very rewarding. Dr. Riley was extremely helpful in evaluating what areas of my life I needed to balance physically, mentally and emotionally, and guided me down the right path. There’s been so much that’s changed since my year working with her that’s been for a strong positive and I’m very grateful to have had her in my life.

Liang Wong, Principal Oboist, NY Philharmonic

For musicians, working with Dr. Riley and biofeedback provides a way to analyze our posture and body alignment helping to optimize our performance and, most importantly, produce a better sound on the instrument. The benefits from this are life-long!