Resilient Performer Online Community​​

After many years of coaching, teaching and helping many performers recover from injuries, stress, anxiety and depression, I observed that every one of them still had to deal with the same old everyday stresses, career uncertainties, demands of teachers, conductors, conservatory training and so on.  In addition, while we are making progress in slowly changing the cultural belief system of "don't ask, don't tell" when one is injured, there is still often a hesitancy to stop practicing, and seek professional help from a qualified specialist.
The result is a continuing feeling of isolation - aloneness.  And quite frankly, resilience cannot be sustained without community support.  The saying no person is an island is true - resilience requires nurturing, support and understanding from like-minded people.  This point was very strongly driven home for me by my students in my Optimal Performance courses.  As the semester would come to a close, many would ask me how they could continue this work?
And so I asked them what they thought about an online community they could join where I would give weekly webinars, host live Q&A sessions, have guest speakers, and a community blog page.  They loved the idea and so here it is!

Kathleen Riley understood so well what it takes to do what I do.  I spent at least 6 months under her care at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and find myself today still using the tools that she gave me to manage my condition of essential tremor.
Stephen Warner, Violinist, Cleveland Orchestra


Working with Kathleen, I was able to identify areas where I had unnecessary tension.   Kathleen provided me with techniques to help minimize the amount of effort in my playing.  I now have a clear concept of how to make my playing more efficient and easier.
James Markey, Trombonist, New York Philharmonic

For musicians, working with Kathleen's technique and biofeedback gives us a way to analyze our posture and body alignment helping to optimize our performance and, most importantly, produce a better sound on the instrument.  The benefits from this are life-long! 
Liang Wong, principal oboist, New York Philharmonic

Kathleen is pioneering study and practical applications of bio-feedback among musicians. The results of her analysis had an immediate and a long-term impact on my playing. I highly recommend her to any working musician or medical professional who works with musician. 

Frederic Chiu, Concert Pianist, Lecturer, Clinician, Deeper Piano Studies

Kathleen Riley's pioneering work is some of the most important I have come across in my career. The positive impact on artists and teachers with related problems will be immeasurable.
Gary Ingle, Executive Director & CEO, MTNA 

In the jungle of various piano pedagogy approaches I have come across, Kathleen Riley is a bright light of clarity. Her work using biofeedback has refined and extended my own work to a new level of exactitude and empowerment. Working with ProformaVision has allowed me to do what I do not just better but MUCH better.
Alan Fraser, Author, The Craft of Piano Playing

As a professional theatre musician with dystonia, I am forever grateful for ProformaVision and retraining with Kathleen Riley.   The combined modalities of Biofeedback, Video Feedback, and hand/finger exercises have helped me regain technical control and keep the dystonia at a manageable distance.
Paul Loesel, Pianist