Integration Technique
My special work integrates skeletal alignment, heart centered breathing, and an understanding of frequencies, chakras, Fibonacci and resonance  that addresses the powerful connection between mind, heart, body and the universe. 

The deceptively simple explanation of how we interact with our world is that the physiological activity inside us constantly adapts and responds to both our inner world of thoughts and emotions, and the situations we encounter in the outer world that surrounds us.  And our most powerful energetic frequency is our thoughts.  What we think about, feel and take on in our ego mindsets becomes the mathetimatical vibration with which we operate.  Indicators within our body, such as heart rate, body temperature, blood circulation, constantly adjust to the feedback received from these vibrations.

These vital rhythmic systems within your body are what define your state of health and wellness.  When they are kept in balance, you experience resiliency and optimal health and well-being.  When they are out of balance, the physiological responses within the body can manifest in health problems, such as stress-related anxiety, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure and lack of focus.

I've developed my approach over years of working with performers and observing how intimately connected our minds, bodies and spirits are connected, both within ourselves and with each other.  Together we uncover subtle responses not discernable to the naked eye and unravel the chicken/egg conundrum.  In other words, we get to the bottom of what is triggering what! 

Physical problems are often very subtle.  They often go unnoticed at first and can have several different starting points which, oddly enough, are not in the fingers.  Mind or body?  Regardless of the starting point, both muscle strain and anxiety simultaneously coexist - we don't get one without the other!

Often times the starting point is much more elusive, residing in the emotional or mental realm. We know that anxiety often produces a tendency to overpracticing and mindless repetitions of difficult passages.  The more worried we are, the more our muscles tense up.  Ah, here is the door where "misperceptions" of how to play a passage well and with "ease" enter in, resulting to changes in our technical approach.  These changes are often unseen and go unnoticed, for they usually manifest in muscle bracing and tension.  

Another piece of this puzzle lies within the highly competitive world we live in.  For musicians, the stressors such as the amount of self-generated pressure and the culture of winning at all costs, often result in performing with pain and discomfort.  This creates depletion throughout the body, mind and spirit.  And often the mind occupies itself with beliefs that we are not good enough or that we need to be perfect.  These false beliefs are generated by our egos and generate depleting energy throughout the body and to all that surrounds us.  And energy attracts energy - this is all part of how we bring about what comes to us!

The Integration Technique trains you to influence normally unconscious physiological processes and responses to improve your health and well-being.  What is so powerful about it is that you learn to become aware of how your body responds to certain triggers and to gain control of physiological tension, stress and anxiety.  You can learn to tense or relax your muscles, improve concentration and focus, and reduce emotional and mental stress.

​I will teach you how to apply physical balance and alignment to access energy points in the body.  These are chakras.  Each one is connected to a certain frequency, and has a very significant purpose in you being who you are.  If we look through the eyes of science, Fibonacci knew long ago that this was all essentially connected and he proved so with mathematics - what is referred to as a part of divine geometry.  Each chakra point aligns to a note on the major scale!  So we are all harmonic beings!

When we are aligned and allow ourselves to live in the present moment and receive, we can create with our limitless potential.

Sounds so simple, and when using this approach, it is.  However, most of us spend many years going from treatment to treatment, many of which provide bandaids - not solutions to our problems.