Kathleen Riley's unique approach bridges artistry, science, spirituality, and energy healing into a unique holistic approach to health, performance and resilience of mind, body and spirit.  Her multifaceted approach is designed to help clients discover their authenticity in expression, whether it be musically, artistically, or simply in everyday living.

Bringing in Eastern traditions of Yoga and the Chakras, physics, frequencies and resonance in our own electromagnetic fields, posture and optimal alignment, and HeartMath breathing techniques, Kathleen helps clients understand how everything is connected, within and among ourselves and with everything that surrounds us.

Kathleen Riley’s groundbreaking PhD research at New York University paved the way to scientifically investigating what happens psychophysiologically in  – how the body interacts with the instrument. The results of her years of study and scientifically proven research has produced a methodology that leads to resilient performance – effortless mastery, brilliant technique and performance confidence. It has been clinically proven to prevent and cure fatigue, pain and other playing-related injuries.

Kathleen's method is a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit connection. The outcome results in performers from all professions reeducating technical limitations as well as healing work-related injuries.  

Kathleen is a former faculty member at the Cleveland Institute of Music where she ran a biofeedback lab and taught special courses in Optimal Performance Health.  She  also served on the staff at the Cleveland Clinic Tanya I. Edwards, M.D. Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine as Director of Biofeedback for Optimal Performance.

Kathleen has been invited to lecture at leading universities across the country and abroad including Guildhall School of Music and the Royal College of Music in London; the Glenn Gould School of Music at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto; Baldwin Wallace University, Ohio University, Oberlin, and Cleveland State University among other institutions. 

Dr. Riley is a member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB).  Kathleen has been invited to train clinicians in the use of biofeedback fro neuromuscular re-education at the Cleveland Clinic, Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and the NYU Rusk Institute.

In Her Own Words:

I'm so glad you are visiting my site.  My mission is to help people transform by understanding and becoming their authentic selves.  Stress, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, creates energy frequencies that impact us and everyone and everything that surrounds us in a powerful way.  Learning to identify, address and change old mental, emotional and physical habits can change the energetic frequencies of our thoughts and beliefs - at every moment we have a choice point as to how we respond - with fear or trust, judgment or compassion in our thoughts, work habits, learning styles and interpresonal relationships.  I will expand your awareness to your physical and emotional responses, compensations, and mind chatter loops, and introduce you to tools and techniques that allow you to transform stress, physiological tension, and achieve balance.

In addition to helping people from all professions, I have a specialization in Performing Artists.  If what you learn about here in these pages speaks to you, please contact me today to arrange a consultation.